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Below you'll find some examples of my presenting work for television and online clients. 

ABC Broken Hill

Getting to a music festival in the middle of nowhere, especially for a gal from the big smoke...


An explainer on the news media bargaining code.

The Climate Council

Meet Australia’s 12 biggest fossil fuel polluters, the Dirty Dozen. Their dirty deeds aren’t done cheap – they’re costing us a safe future.

The Feed (SBS)

Thinking about splurging on that 'special day?'

Maybe think twice before you say 'I do' in a big way.

Tonightly with Tom Ballard (ABC)

What's a Bachelor and Spinster Ball like, really? Let's head to country Queensland to find out.


Death, taxes and sickies - the three certainties in life. And if you're going to take a sickie, you may as well take it on Australia's highest-rated mattress brand.

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